Soso Kumsiashvili

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2000-2004 Nikoladze school of art. 2004-2008 Tbilisi state Academia of art. 2010-2012 Tbilisi state Academia of art. Master course

Exhibitions and group projects:

2012 - Solo exhibition - ,, Desire to fly” Gallery Akademia+” 2009- Solo exhibition. Gallery ,, Vernissage”

2016- Madatart GEORGIAN ARTISTS Group exhibition, Emmanuel Fremin Gallery New York. 2015-Group exhibition-“Step by step” ” Gallery Akademia+” 2014 -Art fair vilnius 2014- Group exhibition- ,,Phirosmany and modern art”-Dimitri Shevardnadze national Gallery Group exhibition - ,, Feeling” Georgian national museum Tbilisi history museum 2012- Group exhibition - ,, Quarantine” Georgian national museum Tbilisi history museum 2012- Group exhibition - ,, Videoart and printmaking” Oat Gallery 2012 -Group exhibition ,,2X2” tbilisi state Academia of art. 2012- Group exhibition ,,Body” tbilisistate Academia of art 2011- Group exhibition - TBS bank exhibition hole 2011- Group exhibition ,, Portrait” puppet museum 2012- Group exhibition ,, Intrventions” tbilisistate Academia of art 2010 – ”. Gallery,, Academia+” ,,12day” 2010- Tbilisi state Academia of art ,,1 day” 2009-Group exhibition. ,,2”. Gallery ,,Vernissage” 2009-Group exhibition. ,,Taobata gadadzaxili”. Gallery ,,Vernissage” 2009-Group exhibition.,,Landscape of Racha”. Gallery ,,Vernissage”

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Oil On Canvas, 47.2 x 59.

Max: 1